Regular monitoring of nutrient levels such as nitrate (NO3-), potassium (K+) and calcium (Ca2+) in plant stems, soil solution, irrigation water and runoff water not only results in good yields and fruit quality, but also reduces fertilizer costs and mitigates environmental hazards. LAQUAtwin pocket meters are the perfect instruments for testing because they measure samples directly and provide results, allowing growers to identify and correct nutrient deficiencies or excesses immediately.

Plant sap analysis is used by farmers to check crop nutrient levels and determine fertilization strategies. A plant sap test provides an overview of the nutrients that should be available to the plant at that time for growth and development. It shows directly whether a plant is suffering from a nutrient deficiency or has a nutrient surplus.

Soil solution analysis is also important for farmers. It gives an overview of the nutrient and salt content of the soil and the leaching of nutrients from the root zone. The soil solution is the water in the soil that contains a mixture of nutrients that are taken up by the roots.