XS PC 7 Vio pH/mV/ORP/conductivity/TDS/temperature hand-held meter in case including 201T pH- and 2301T conductivity electrode with integrated temperature sensors

Product number: 895629
Product information "XS PC 7 Vio pH/mV/ORP/conductivity/TDS/temperature hand-held meter in case including 201T pH- and 2301T conductivity electrode with integrated temperature sensors"
Our The XS Instruments PC 7 Vio and 70 Vio handheld pH, millivolt, oxidation-reduction potential, conductivity, dissolved solids and temperature multiparameter meters with innovative high-resolution colour display are suitable for working in all conditions and offer you an integrated user-friendly guide in the form of the set-up and calibration mode. This allows for easy and intuitive use of the instrument by the user at any time, no matter how much experience the user has in handling the equipment.
The PC 7 Vio and the PC 70 Vio, has an automatic pH calibration with USA and NIST buffers with up to three points for pH and one point for ORP. For the calibration of the conductivity electrode, you have up to five fixed points, as well as an individual calibration point. You are supported by intuitive symbols on the backlit screen, including display of the measurement stability (adjustable) and any errors. Another advantage is that you receive the multi-parameter measuring device in our professional measuring case, which contains the selected measuring electrodes, as well as our respective buffer solutions and the instructions. 

Complementary advantages of the 70 Vio version:
  • GLP functions: Date and time, recall of calibration data and "Calibration due" function
  • Integrated data logger for up to 1000 data, automatic and manual
  • PC connection via USB for evaluation of measurement data (Micro-USB on the instrument side) via Data Link+ software
  • Automatic brightness control of the display (prolongs battery life)
  • Only 6 keys for easy control of all functions of the unit
  • 230V power supply unit

Manufacturer article number: 50110712


Height 12 cm
Length 41 cm
Width 31 cm


Weight 1,7 kg

Other attributes

Applications Aquaculture and Coral, Aquariums, Beer, Beverages, Environmental, Food, Heating, Horticulture, Hydroponics, Laboratory, Schools, Water Conditioning, Water Treatment
Brand XS Instruments
Country of origin IT
Customs tariff number 90278930
Parameter Combined Multiparameter, Conductivity and TDS, pH
Quality Professional
Technical data
Measuring range: 0 … 14.00
(Plus Version: -2.00 … 16.00)
Resolution / Accuracy: 0.1
(Plus Version: 0.01 / +0.02)
Calibration points: 1...3 automatic + 2 custom
Recognized buffers: USA, NIST
DHS sensor recognition: Yes
Measuring range: -1000 … +1000
(Plus Version: -1000 … +1900)
Resolution: 1
(Plus Version: 0.1 / 1)
Calibration points: 1 point = 475 mV
Measuring range: 0.00 ... 200 mS
Resolution: 0.01 - 0.1 - 1 µS / mS (automatic)
Accuracy: ± 2% full scale
Calibration points: 1...5 automatic + 1 custom
Recognized buffers: 84 µS/ 147 µS/1413 µS/ 12.88 mS / 111.8 mS
Reference temperature: 15 ... 30 °C
Temperature coefficient: 0.00 ... 10.00 % / °C
Buffer indication: yes
Measuring range: 0.1 mg/l ... 200 g/l
TDS factor: 0.40 ... 1.00
Measuring range: 0.1 ppm ... 100 ppt (only Plus Version)
Measuring range 0.0 … 100.0 °C
(Plus Version: -10.0 … 110.0 °C)
Resolution / Accuracy: 0.1 / ± 0.5°C
Temperature compensation: 0.0 … 80.0 °C
(Plus Version: 0.0 … 100.0 °C)
GLP: yes (only Plus Version)
Calibration due: yes (only Plus Version)
Buffer indication: Yes
Calibration report: Yes
Stability filter: Low – Nor - High
Internal memory: yes 1000 Data (only Plus Version)
Display: High definition backligt colored LCD
Brightness settings: Manual
(Plus Version: automatic or manual)
IP protection: IP 57
Output: Micro USB (only Plus Version)
Power: 3 batteries AA 1,5 V
(Plus Version: additional 5 V power supply)
Working conditions: T= 0 … +45 °C / H = < 95 %
Dimensions / Weight (device): 185 x 85 x 45 mm / 400 g